Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Finnish Hot Sandwiches

Who knew people could be so excited about sandwiches?  So far the most popular recipe I have posted (in terms of pageviews) was the sandwich, so I figured people might appreciate another take on the sandwich: the hot sandwich.  I'm sure this kind of thing is popular in some parts of the US, but I don't remember ever really eating something like this.  But it's good and a different set of flavors than I'm used to, so go ahead and give it a try!

Difficulty - Slightly more involved than the previous sandwich, but only because you have to turn on the oven

The name
Sienivoileipä = Sieni + (Voi + Leipä) = Mushroom + (Butter + Bread) = Mushroom + Sandwich
Pretty descriptive of what it is...

The Ingredients
Leipä (bread), especially Ruisleipä
Majoneesi (mayonnaise)
Sitruuna (lemon)
Sieni (mushrooms, I used some wild Chantarelles)
Voi (butter, to sauté the mushrooms)
Juusto (cheese, again Edam is common here)

Mmmmm, mushrooms (fried in butter of course)
How to make it
  1. Preheat the oven to really hot (400 or above)
  2. Wash, chop, and sauté the mushrooms until they become nice and soft
  3. Mix the mayo with lemon juice.  Use just enough to give the mayo a slight sour taste
  4. Spread the mayo on the bread, top with sautéd mushrooms, then grated cheese
  5. Place the sandwiches on a baking rack and bake/broil them until the cheese is slightly brown
  6. Eat while still warm (because most of y'all are American, I probably should protect myself from lawsuit and say DON'T EAT IMMEDIATELY FROM THE OVEN OR YOU WILL BURN YOUR MOUTH)
Not as beautiful as the previous sandwiches.
But only because the cheese (delicious) is covering the other (delicious) ingredients

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