Sunday, October 27, 2013

My longest night...

Now that it is Halloween, the amount of daylight is really low compared to when I arrived almost three months ago.  I guess that is what happens at 60.45 degrees North...

Since I love numbers and geography, I decided to look up exactly how little daylight we currently have here in Turku, and compare it to the shortest day of the year in Michigan.  It turns out that just three days ago the day length here was less than Michigan's shortest day (9:04:44), meaning that each night from now until the winter solstice is the longest night I have ever experienced.  Cool!

And now some cool pictures of the night (from the last few weeks), since there is so much time to take pictures of it:

One of the cool things about being this far north is that the ice crystals in the air can make moon rings!
Baltic Sea at night.  Notice the frost on the dock, and the wet footprints from running from the sauna into the cold water!

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  1. That second picture is awesome. I felt like the days were already way too short- no wonder if it's ALREADY shorter than the shortest day I've ever lived through. And it just gets worse from here til December 21st. . .